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My plans to retrace Captain Cook's unfinished voyage have been postponed a year while I work on the next Marine Diesel Basics book and get my new boat SV Oceandrifter ready for sea.

* Words from an unknown hermit – complex people yearning for simplicity (5 of 10)

I’ve written before about the “Hermit Writings of S” and posted his script in its entirety on this site.  See here.

In order to bring his writings to a wider audience, I’m going to post extracts from the Hermit Writings according to various themes which he himself used as sub-titles. They’re intended as bite-sized chunks that may be more easily digested. He writes well, argues simply and coherently and with a commonsense that is both engaging and intriguing.  Judge for yourself.

Little is know about the man who calls himself S.  He may be living, or have lived, in northern Canada, as there are references to the “huge horseshoe landscape curing around James Bay, the pre-Cambrian Great Canadian Shield, vast tangled forests sieved through the lakes and rivers”.

Hermit ontology

“Hermits are extremely complex people who yearn for simplicity.  In our microcosm we both mirror and reverse humanity: People are basically simple but crave complexity and their struggles and contradictions are always externalised; the world is their problem and if they can change it they imagine some happiness awaits them.  Even when they suffer from various trauma, they view the solution or cure in something material, in some alteration in their physical world.

“We, of course, do not.  All hermits, of whatever variation, consider the fundamental problem to be subjective, a question of perception, including the corruption and suffering in the world and consequences of the deluded mind (which does not mean that they are unreal but are caused and enflamed by ignorance and delusion).  All of us, accordingly, more or less successfully, struggle to polish the mirror, to see and to reflect purity and truth.  We believe that only then will we understand both the world and the self, and hopefully be able to somewhat neurtalize the damage.  If we are wrong, and certainly we are at best only partially correct, no other human philosophy or belief is nearly as reasonable, as promising and accessible as eremitism.  Anyone at anytime in the history of humanity and at anytime in our life can stop what she or he is doing and become a hermit.  As Send-Ts’an said “…for here no external conditions obtain…for objective limits are here of no consideration.”

One comment on “* Words from an unknown hermit – complex people yearning for simplicity (5 of 10)

  1. Rick Werwie
    February 20, 2011

    “Words from an unknown hermit” are my favorite! I love your words of wisdom explaining what they are all about! Miss your live, in-life & in-person conversations at some point during all my adventurous trips to Thailand; once being yesterday, Feb 19th. Back in early March to hear more!!! See you soon. Rick


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