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My plans to retrace Captain Cook's unfinished voyage have been postponed a year while I work on the next Marine Diesel Basics book and get my new boat SV Oceandrifter ready for sea.

60 Photos of hermits by Italian photographer Carlo Bevilacqua

photo by Carlo Bevilacqua

Anyone who knows me or looks through the tags of this website will know of my fascination with hermits and my own enjoyment of solitude.  So there will be no surprise that I’m posting a link to a set of 60 striking photos of hermits in several different countries by Italian photographer  Carlo Bevilacqua.

Into The Silence Hermits of the Third Millennium
Secular or religious, Catholic or Orthodox, followers of singular syncretism of Eastern religions and apocryphal Christian revelation or even shamans healers: these are the contemporary hermits.

They are not so many, but their presence and their witness have a powerful and fascinating effect.
They live sometimes isolated in small apartments in the heart of our cities, most often they stay by the side of woods and villages.
They build their own retreat or put away old rectory and chapels that previously fell to pieces.

The phenomenon has been observed in the late eighties and recent years have seen a steady increase in number.
Extraordinary stories and portraits of surprising humanity which strike for the radical and the beauty of life that flows from it.

In Italy and France, ranging between 200 and 300, while in Germany, according to the official statistics are not over 80. Worldwide, the clear majority, approximately 60 percent, is made up of women.
In the United States they are about 500, 10 percent of which is married.

The western hermitage – after the extraordinary flowering of early Christianity and the High Middle Ages – has almost disappeared from the nineteenth and first half of the twentieth century. Just since the sixties, however, someone began to reconsider it as a lifestyle, not just as a religious choice.

The early pioneers of the solitary life timidly make their appearance in France, Canada and Italy.

A little hidden world, but alive, very strong, far from the myths and false needs of our world, sometimes unnecessarily dizzy .

GO TO: Into the Silence Hermits of the Third Millenium by Carlo Bevilacqua

One comment on “60 Photos of hermits by Italian photographer Carlo Bevilacqua

  1. "Jill" Arnold
    December 4, 2011

    I just read a book that covered the fact that we have become a country paralyzed by materialism. I already knew that. ” I found the book compelling. The title is: “Jahad vs. McWorld.”
    Like you, I have downsized many times, in my life, to fulfill my dreams. When I go up to the mountains, on vacation, I stay in a 6’x10′ (canned ham) Shasta trailer. Built in 1961, it’s a relic but, I have no materialistic need to impress anyone. I’m confident in myself enough not to care about what others think. My F-150
    truck is a 1990. 290,000 miles.

    I can relate to your small living space environment. My first boat was
    a Cascade, built in Portland, hull #8. It was 28’x8′. My Lab took up space too. His name was: Sigmund “Salty dog” Freud. He lived to be
    My last sailboat was a Tahitian Cutter. Not a Ketch like yours.
    It was a beefy, 9 ton vessel, designed after the Norwegian life boats by Colin Archer. It wasn’t pretty to some, but, it was beautiful to me. I saved it from deteriorating in the hot, Texas sun. A wooden boat dries out horribly. I could see daylight coming in, through the seams. The caulking was petrifying, and it dropped out. So, I reefed out all the old seam compound, while working from a dinghy, in the water, in 100 degree temperatures (from June – September). I re-caulked each seam down the length of the boat, 40′ twice, on both sides (from the waterline up to the toerails.) Hard work. Sweat equity that one can’t afford to pay for. I was a poor sailor so, I did everything I could to save costs. I wrote about my experience and had it published. Lynn and Larry Pardy read my article and, asked me to furnish them with the products I used to write about in a book they were working on about sealants. I complied.

    The title of my article published by Good Old Boat magazine in 2002, I think, was,
    “Woman Looking for Man with Boat…..Send picture of Boat”
    Dennison, wanted you to know:
    I have a communications background too. I went to Washington State University, Edward R. Murrow Communications program.
    I also graduated from Northwestern University, in Evanston, IL
    MS Advertising. Medill School of Journalism.
    Be Safe and Happy!!!!



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