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My plans to retrace Captain Cook's unfinished voyage have been postponed a year while I work on the next Marine Diesel Basics book and get my new boat SV Oceandrifter ready for sea.


“STAYCATION, “How To Get Away Without going Away”

Everyone can afford a STAYCATION, a vacation at home. Whether you want a short break or have weeks of vacation time, all the pleasures of the perfect holiday – relaxing, fun, affordable and great memories – can be yours without leaving home. Forget about the risks of disease and terrorism, confronting strangers and the high cost of travel anywhere today. STAYCATION will help you to create your vacation of a lifetime with 100 elegant suggestions. The book builds from simple, practical ideas so that can you begin your vacation right away to deeper reflections on the purpose and meaning we find in our life. All in the comfort of your own home. So give yourself the extra benefits of a holiday at home. Pamper yourself according to your own priorities, interests and budget. With STAYCATION, it’s easy and fun. You could be on staycation right now!

Buy now: STAYCATION: How To Get Away Without Going Away

“AMAZON, Exploring the Rift Between Civilization and Wilderness”

Determined to experience the mighty Amazon for himself, Dennison Berwick travelled alone for more than year in a small canoe along major rivers and unnamed tributaries. At night he slung a hammock between trees in the forest, surrounded by all the noises of creatures active in the darkness. He walked for a week to reach the source of the Amazon in the snow-capped Andes in Peru; got lost in the forest; took hallucinogenic ayahuasca and ended his adventure by trying to convince an angry hunting party of Yanomami Indians that he was not a gold-miner attempting to rob them.

“SAVAGES, The Life & Killing of the Yanomami”

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Yanomami men and women tell their own stories of their contact with the outside world, especially the decimation brought by an illegal invasion of goldminers since 1987 and the challenges they now face in contact with Whites.
This book is the only one reporting from the Yanomami point of view about their understanding of the attempts to destroy them, the upsets in the cosmos caused by extracting gold from the earth and their valiant resistance and fight for survival.


Published by:
Macfarlane, Walter & Ross, Toronto, 1992 ISBN 0-921912-33-1 (softcover)
Sceptre Books, London, 1993 ISBN 0-340-57868-8 (paperback)
Hutchinson, London, 1992 ISBN 0-09-175322-8 (hardcover)

Buy now: Savages: The Life and Killing of the Yanomami


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How can the Ganges be both a great river and, literally, a goddess? What is the Hindu sense of the sacred? The story of a 3,000 kms. walk along the banks of India’s most sacred river, a journey that took 7 months.


Published by:
Rupa Paperbacks, New Delhi, 1993 ISBN not assigned (paperback).
Hutchinson, London, 1986 . ISBN 0-09-163760-0 (hardback).
Javelin Books, Poole, England, 1987 ISBN 0-7137-1968-0 (paperback).

Buy now: Walk Along the Ganges

Themes of the book include how do people think of the Amazon landscape?
What is the boundary between civilization and wilderness? Re counts the  author’s travels by boats, canoe and on foot to the river’s source and also first visit to the Yanomami.

Published by:
Sceptre Books, London, 1992 . ISBN 0-340-56006-1 (paperback).
Hutchinson, London, 1990 ISBN 0-09-173490-8 (hardback).
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Whatever spiritual tradition you may follow – or no religious tradition at all – you’ll be surprised by the variety of accommodation and programs for spiritual practice and informal personal reflection available in Canada. The book is comprehensive guide to more than 140 retreat centres, temples, monasteries, hermitages, and “bed & breakfasts” across Canada in rural, urban and wilderness locations. Detailed descriptions of each include spiritual traditions, languages, types of accommodation and cost, meeting facilities and facilities for persons with disabilities. 2nd edition!
Click on cover for free downloads.

Published by:
Still Life Retreat, Canada, 1998. ISBN 0-9680541-1-0 (softback).

(Sorry – this book is now out of print, but TWO chapters are available here for free download and listings of accommodation for retreats in Canada are widely available on the internet.)

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  1. Victor
    March 23, 2013

    Hi Dennison Berwick.

    I strcuk upon your website when i was surfing on the internet.,I am Chinese ,my name is victor , so glad to write to you. i really want to know more writers in english speaking countries
    : )

    Yours sincerely



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